About us

bric stands for total engineering

BRIC simplifies your construction process by implementing the innovative BIM tool and streamlines communication between the design and construction partners. As a team we help international project developers and architects reduce the margin of error and optimise your profit.


BIM. Sounds familiar?

More control over process and budget in every stage of the construction process.

We eliminate a slow and high risk operation by using Building Information Models.

We optimise the BIM workflow by using data driven methods which result in higher control and efficiency.


We optimise workflow by investing in custom-made software solutions.

Specifically designed algorithms and methods within the Building Information Model.

Meeting new standards of digital communication and file exchange to increase efficiency between partners.

Traditional construction flow

Current overview of timeline, milestones and stakeholders.

Traditional communication flow

Current communication flow and touchpoints between stakeholders.

bric's communication flow

How bric tackles opportunity.

bric's communication touchpoints

Communication touchpoints between stakeholders bric as your partner.


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